RULES for applicant’s selection

RULES for applicant’s selection

This scholarship is designed to help students with outstanding achievements in the field of Chinese Martial Arts and is supposed to serve as an encouragement for further athletic achievements.

The amount of the scholarship is $ 1500 and is given for the calendar year 2020. It has to be spent towards travel expenses related to world class competitions in the Chinese Martial Arts field throughout the whole world.

USATCF ( USA Taichi Culture Foundation ) Board of Directors will examine all applications and select the scholarship winner in accordance of the criteria for the above mentioned scholarship.

1. Candidates are US citizens

2. Candidates are current US National team members

3. Candidates should be students in good standing

4. Participation in a prestigious competition at national or international level before the application period.

5. Achieved 1-8 place in an international competition in the last 2 Years.

6. Practice in Chinese Martial Arts – at least 7h/week

7. Working/Volunteering for the development of Chinese Martial Arts at least 1h/week ( see required documents )

8. No health conditions (see required documents )

9. A detailed contract between the scholarship winner and USATCF will be signed after the selection.